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High Schools for Hospice

"High Schools for Hospice" is a program developed for high school students who are interested in cultivating meaningful relationships through their volunteer work at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. The goal for our ground breaking program is to educate, empower, and equip our students with information and experiences related to hospice and the end of life. Educating our youth will undoubtedly make steps in the right direction to combat the negative association surrounding hospice and the final stages of life. "High Schools for Hospice" empowers students to become an inspiration to peers, improve their sense of self-worth, strengthen their leadership skills, improve their people skills, gain a better understanding of citizenship, develop new friendships, and add value to their resumes and experiences needed to become college and career ready.

Students will develop scrap books for the patient's family, capture precious moments with the patient's family members using digital camcorders and write life reflections after their experiences. Each student that becomes a hospice volunteer will complete a two hour orientation with the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. Students will be required to write a reflection piece on how their experiences have changed their perspective and outlook on life. The power and effect that our youth can have on our hospice patients and their families is limitless. Our high school students will learn to become philanthropists who provide a unique and creative way of giving back to our community. High Schools for Hospice will instantaneously become meaningful, inspiring and impactful to not only the students but also to the members of our community.

Who can apply: Yakima Valley high school students must be at least 16 years old to apply with a parent or guardian signature.

How to apply: Please contact Human Resources and fill out the job shadow application. Please check High Schools for Hospice. Space is limited to 10 students.

For additional information please contact Branden Johnson, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator at 509-574-3655.

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